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Endangered Species Education

At one point or another you’ve heard the word “endangered.” Endangered is usually accompanied by the animals or species, and you probably first heard it in elementary school. We’re not going to focus on the dodo bird that left the endangered species list and moved to the extinct list in the late 17th century. Other bird species followed, including the Haast eagle, moa, and passenger pigeon.

Birds are not the only animals in danger of extinction. Various mammals, like the Tasmanian tiger, are already extinct. Spread awareness to start helping the animals in your community.

Bee Benefits

Bee Benefits

Did you know bees are one of the most important life sources on the planet? Learn more about bees and how to protect them here.

Animal Homes and Habitats

Animal Homes and Habitats

No matter where you live, you have animals in your neighborhood and city. Learn how to protect the various animal environments in your community today.